Revision Seminars

GCSE English





Exam technique focused sessions led by a qualified teacher and examiner

Covers texts from the AQA syllabus

21st February

Dulwich College

9:30am-12.30pm (levels 3-5)


1pm-5pm (levels 6-9)


Fully Booked

GCSE English





Extended exam technique and language focused session led by an expert teacher

Covers analysis and long-form answers

21st February 2020

Dulwich College

9.30am-12.30am (levels 3-5)


1pm-5pm (levels 6-9)


GCSE Maths


A confidence boosting exam focused seminar that covers the common themes of all specifications

21st February 2020

Dulwich College

9.30am -1.30pm


A level 




A seminar focused on the

AQA specification requirements and exam technique led by an experienced examiner

21st February 2020



(All Day)

£ 120

Our experience as professional classroom teachers informs us that students achieve best when supported by a talented teacher and in a learning environment where they are influenced by peers who are equally committed to success.  In addition to traditional and online tuition we provide regular revision seminars, designed to fine-tune their skills and subject knowledge.
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Our Experience​

We know from experience that education is best handled by professionals.  Each seminar will be designed and led by a qualified teacher with an excellent track record.  

Many of our seminar leaders are experienced examiners who offer their expert knowledge of specifications and techniques, including highlighting common mistakes students tend to make and what exam markers look for in a model answer.

The Sessions​

Each session lasts for four hours (including breaks) with a focus on examination technique and subject content.  Each student will have work assessed by the seminar leader who will provide up-to-date and relevant guidance. Our team of qualified teachers are well versed in supporting students to strive for the grades they are aiming for and encouraging students to reach their potential.

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